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“A truly wise man is the one who knows what he knows and knows what he doesn’t know and has the wisdom to understand the difference.“
– Anonymous
Retirement Renaissance Seminars
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Retirement Renaissance offers a series of seminars for soon-to-be-retirees and the newly retired that introduces the need for a broader, more expansive retirement planning process. There are multiple seminar formats: introductory type, a weekend retreat, a partnership seminar format, and a webinar model.

  • Retirement Renaissance Introduction—a brief session, one to three hour, seminar intended to give the participants an introduction to the whole life concept of retirement planning. The introductory seminars would be applicable for senior groups and organizations whose membership would be interested in senior topics.
  • Retirement Renaissance Retreat—the retreat format is a longer two to three day seminar or weekend retreat at regional hotels, resorts or training centers for couples and planning partners. The program is an interactive format with classroom sessions, private and group dialog, guest specialists with financial planning and legal expertise, and leisure activities. The fee would be all-inclusive for the seminar, book and materials, and accommodations. Some seminars will be scheduled as part of a cruise agenda that blends retirement planning with leisure activities.
  • Partnership Format—this format is scheduled in conjunction with partner organizations or associations that have an interest in financial planning or other topics of interest to the retiree market. The seminar is tailored to the specific audience and needs of the host organization. The bulk of these seminars are hosted by financial planning firms that desire to provide their clients with a broader view of retirement planning.
  • Webinar Model—the webinar model is under development and will provide another option to conduct either the introductory seminar or a multi-part program tailored to the needs of the target audience and a possible host organization.

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